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Yates Hair Science Group Products and Services

Posted on: April 7th, 2016 by Dr Yates

Yates Hair Science Group is a hair loss center based in Illinois. Yates Hair Science Group specializes in hair restoration procedures like platelet-rich plasma therapy and follicular unit extraction. The procedures are performed by head surgeon and owner of the Hair Science Group, Dr. William Yates, MD, and his hand-picked team of fellow surgical staff.

Aside from its hair loss prevention procedures, Yates Hair Science Group also offers products that improve the appearance of thinning hair. These include products like the keratin fiber hair enhancer, a holding spray, and a thickening serum for fine or thinning hair.

The hair enhancer works by distributing the natural protein over thinning areas. The fibers then cling to existing hairs through static charges in the product. It won’t come out until the hair is shampooed and will continue to work even in rainy weather and sweaty sessions at the gym.

Yates Hair Science Group also offers hair styling for thinning hair, which is performed by a licensed cosmetologist. Patients can get their hair styled and the cosmetologist also can educate them on how to look their best even if they’re experiencing severe hair loss.