FUE is the latest surgical method for hair transplantation. Dr. Yates is considered an expert in this technique throughout the nation. He is recruited to train other physicians and lectures on this specialized technique.

Performed under local anesthesia. During (FUE) Follicular Unit Extraction, the follicular units are harvested from the donor area individually by Dr. Yates using the manual SAFE System and do not need to be dissected under a microscope. A FUE hair transplant requires more technical skill and time. With this technique, the grafts or follicular units can be handpicked for the most robust hairs in anagen or growth phase; whereas, with the strip procedure you have to take all of the follicular units extracted within that strip of hair. With FUE, NO TRANSVERSE SCAR ACROSS THE BACK OF THE HEAD is visible allowing more styling options for patients.

The grafts are carefully protected and stored in state of the art biological solutions such as Hypothermosol and ATP to protect and ensure optimal graft survival.

Dr. Yates harvests the grafts and places them himself! His artistic and aesthetic eye ensures the optimal results in natural hairlines and hair density throughout the scalp. Contact us to find out more if a FUE hair transplant is right for you.