When you are looking for a solution to help restore your hair loss, there are many choices out there.  So how do you decide which physician is right for you?  And even more importantly, how can you ensure that a physician will be the one performing your procedure?  Dr. Yates’ extensive medical and surgical experience along with his own personal journey with hair loss makes him second to none.  When you choose Dr. Yates, you are guaranteeing outstanding results along with ensuring that the most qualified and proficient surgeon will be performing your procedure

“I understand the pain and emotional trauma associated with losing your hair and truly believe in the difference a hair restoration can make toward improving one’s appearance and self-confidence.  Everything I perform on a patient I have done on myself.  I can tailor every treatment and provide a perfect solution for each of my patients.” –Dr. Yates


The main things you should think about when choosing a physician to help you restore your hair loss:


Q: How Much Hair Loss Restoration Experience Does my Physician Have?

A: “Dr. Yates focuses solely on hair restoration.  For over 10 years, he has exclusively been performing and perfecting state-of-the art hair restoration surgery.  He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and is a board member and board examiner of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.”

Additional information:

Dr. Yates has performed thousands of procedures and he performs all of the procedures himself.  He does not delegate the work to a physician’s assistant or to a technician.  He even punches out all of the hair himself, with a transection rate that is less than 3%.  This is the most crucial step to obtaining excellent quality grafts for the most successful results and Dr. Yates feels very strongly that this should only be performed by a skilled physician.


Q: What is my Physician’s Medical Background?

A: *BA in Medical Science- Northwestern University, IL  1983

*MD Northwestern University- Six Year Medical Honors Program 1985

*Surgical Internship- Howard University, Washington DC 1986

*General Surgery Residency,  Howard University 1990

*Fellowship in Critical Care/Trauma University of Maryland Hospital 1991

Additional information:

In addition, Dr. Yates has medical memberships to:

*International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

*Fellow American College of Surgeons

*American Medical Society

He is also an experienced and board certified general surgeon and critical care surgeon:

*Surgery Board Examiner

*Fellow American Academy of Surgery

*Previous Director of Trauma at Major Trauma Centers


Q: How Does This Physician Differ From Other Physicians?

A: “Since Dr. Yates focuses only on hair loss and hair restoration, it allows him to be more skilled and experienced than his competitors who simply add these services to their lengthy service lines.  Dr. Yates utilizes treatments and modern techniques that are proven, safe and provide outstanding results.”

Additional information:

Dr. Yates’ facility is a beta testing site for new research and development for Restoration Robotics and Dr. Yates is a Restoration Robotics Physician whose facility offers a Staff Training Center for Robotic Surgery & FUE.  Dr. Yates is also an author in hair transplant textbooks and hair transplant journals.


Q: Is this Physician Limited by a Geographic Location?

A: “Due to the specialized nature of Dr. Yates’ skills, he is sought out by patients from all around the country and throughout the world.  We offer travel concierge services to ensure that your trip, procedure and follow-up care gives you the best experience possible.”

Additional information:

With offices in Chicago, our location is convenient for those who are living in the Chicagoland area.  However, we do have clients from all over the United States and throughout other countries around the world.


Q: How Important is Patient Safety to my Physician?

A: “Dr. Yates takes patient safety very seriously.  All Patient Care Standards are maintained at all times with oversight by a Registered Nurse.  Since there is little regulation or oversight in the hair restoration field, physician integrity and reputation play an important role in patient safety.”

Additional information:

All staff members are hand selected by Dr. Yates.  Every member of our team has years of experience in the medical field and hair restoration.  Just as important, we all love what we do and we love delivering the best possible care and outcomes to every patient that visits one of our centers.