Beard, Mustache & Sideburn Transplant

Whether your face is naturally smooth or your facial hair grows in thin and patchy, men everywhere are seeking full, thick beards, mustaches and sideburns. The answer? A beard, mustache or sideburn transplant. Chicago hair loss medical Doctor Yates is in higher demand than ever for these popular procedures, partly because of its trendy popularity but also because of the technology available. By taking hair follicles from the back of the head, Dr. Yates implants each single follicle into the beard, mustache or sideburn regions for extremely natural results. This procedure can be performed on the goatee, mustache, sideburn, and beard areas to your desired fullness.

Procedure and Recovery

Generally, beard, mustache and sideburn transplants are performed under local anesthesia for 2-5 hours of surgical time. The surgery and recovery are essentially pain-free. Afterwards, small scabs will form on the transplanted hair, and the new hair will fall out around 2 weeks and will begin its regrowth at 3 months. This new hair will continue to grow forever.

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